Sanitization Service

City Livelihood Centre provides Disinfection & Sanitization services for Home, Offices, any kind of Build-up area & Transport vehicle to prevent covid-19 spread.

Protocols followed::

  • Disinfection team will wear PPE kit with face shield, gloves and mask and sanitize himself before entering any premises. Social distancing norms will be followed within the team.
  • All doors & windows will be closed.
  • All the electronic devices will be unplugged from sources.
  • Only one person will be allowed while disinfection.
  • Disinfection will be carried out by spraying and then wiping all high touch areas like work station, floors, door knobs/handles, rallings, chairs and other similar surfaces.
  • Areal disinfection will be carried out by fog machines for areas which are inaccessible such as wall, roof, corner etc.
  • After disinfection the enclosed treatment areas need to be kept closed for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Disinfection team will educate existing housekeeping staffs/ family members to maintain hygiene.

Disinfection Liquid:

  • Non toxic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Free from chlorine & other oxidizing derivatives
  • Safe for all surfaces and Eco-friendly
  • 100% safe for kids, elders and pets

Machines Used:

  • Advanced ULV cold fogging machines
  • Advanced spraying machines

Why Us:

  • Best quality service delivered
  • Well trained and skilled professional cleaners
  • Complete sanitization & disinfection guaranteed
  • All the necessary safety protocols are followed
  • Use of non-toxic and antimicrobial disinfectant
  • Use of ultrasonic fumigation machines for disinfection
  • Affordable and flexible prices

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